Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Okay, so I didn't quite FINALIZE my craft list. I got hyperfocused on my gift tote and ended up wrapping one gift! One down! Anywho... I'm classifying anything I have to make as a craft!
Here's something tentative...(I'm so lucky my hubby can build things, too!)
  1. Christmas cookies gift 'basket'. This consists of a metal lunchbox I have to alter with "born to shop, forced to cook" saying on it; recipe cards scrapped with family favorites on them; a store bought apron with blue snoflakes stitched on it; and copper cookie cutters.
  2. 2 crokinole boards(hubby)
  3. recycle centre(hubby)
  4. 2 bedpockets with books and flashlights
  5. Lasagna wih garlic bread
  6. Chili basket packed with western hat and bandana, veggie tales movie, french onion soup bowls, corn chips and chili of course!
  7. Tree in a box-pine cone garland, pine cone carolers, tree topper, tree skirt, painted ornaments(rustic). Lights and tree stand.

That's it for now. I'm sure to add more baking as I finish these things up! Better get started!


Carrie said...

Those are some pretty nice gifts you are making.

Leann said...

What is the board that your husband is making?