Monday, October 20, 2008

Holiday Preparations

Today, I got together with my sister and niece and donned my 'Naughty or Nice' Christmas vest to start 'honest to goodness' preparations for that merry old time of the year! They got out their laptops and I got out the looseleaf and we collectively logged on to Organized Christmas to begin the Christmas Countdown, albeit, one week early. We gave ourselves a daily task this week in order to stay on track. My weekly list looks like this;
  1. Monday- Talk to my spouse to find out what things he enjoyed most in past celebrations. This I did, and after a few strange looks(Christmas already?) I found out we agree that church service on Christmas Eve doesn't work for us, yet. (We need to give our youngest child a couple of more years)
  2. Tuesday- Work on Master gift list and finalize a craft list.
  3. Wednesday-Christmas card list (with addresses)
  4. Thursday-Home Spruce up list. This could take more time than I've allotted...
  5. Friday- inventory and gather card supplies
  6. Saturday and Sunday- fine tune this week's work and prepare for next week.

I guess the Christmas bug is quite contagious, as I recieved an excited call from my niece, after she left. She had picked up a gift for my son and that was one more checkmark on her list! Way to Go!

Hope to post my craft list tomorrow evening! See you then!


Leann said...

Good For you! Keep going...

organizedhome said...

Way to go, Jack Frosty!