Sunday, July 11, 2010

Not a creature was stirring...

I got the idea for these from Papercraft magazine. I thought they would be really cute placecards for a Christmas Eve dinner!

Materials and tools

poster board or heavy cardstock
grey, white, and red cardstock
pink stickyback rhinestones
black sharpie
wire or spiral paperclips
glue dots

Using a glass, I traced an '8' on the poster board and folded it in the centre. Then I cut the bottom off so it would sit on the table. I printed the saying on white card stock and mod podged it to the bottom of the card.

I pulled my paperclips apart a bit and used glue dots (one on the top and one underneath)to fasten it to the card for a tail. Then I traced the shape on grey cardstock and pasted it to my mouse.Next I cut the hat shape from red and the cuff from white. I cut into the hat shape so the cuff would slide in a bit.

I gled the hat pieces together and stuck them on my mouse. Then I cut out little circular ears and folde one third inand stuck them to his head! Lastly I stuck a little pink nose on and drew a sleepy eye with a black sharpie. I printed a name on paper and slipped it into the paperclip!