Friday, June 27, 2008

Day Late and a Dollar short

That's me-just a little behind the eight ball! Oh well! I got my clipboards done the day AFTER Rudy Day-but they are done and here they are. I'll post more instructions and pictures the week the craft is featured at MHH. Hope you like them!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tomorrow's Rudolph Day...

but, I'm sorry, I just can't wait! The members at MHH are just too inspiring AND have too many fabulous ideas, therefore, I'm working on a bit of Christmas today!

Basket(one of the afore mentioned members) posted this link to some Christmas cards at Familyfun. I think this will be our design for 2008, as long as I can find the appropriate envelopes. I was looking through my craft stash of old Christmas cards (Throw them out?you've got to be kidding!) and I found one that read,'Hope you're all wrapped up in holiday fun!'. Hmmm...this led to me digging out last year's cheap Christmas paper. All I need now is alot of red ribbon and my poor little men are going to fall victim to yet another crazy photo op of Mom's staging! I'll post when I've got them sufficiently 'wrapped up in holiday fun!'
Okay-that leads to the shopping list~
1. Red ribbon(saunders in New Ross)
2. Envelopes
3. cording
4. shiny paper

Monday, June 2, 2008

Christmas Present!

Today I ordered in 2 copies of -The Mitten. I'm going to sew bed pockets for my kids and my younger niece & nephew, in the shape of mittens. I'll include a flashlight, a copy of the book and maybe a stuffed animal;(one that's in the book). I also want to sew some clothes for my niece's doll from some red velvet I have left over. I'm hoping I have enough for a cape as well!